Mon-Sat 5am to 10pm
Sunday 6am to 6pm 

Red Dirt Coffee House  (805) 473-3083        
1452 E. Grand Ave, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 


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Check out our Ono Grindz page for all our updated menus!

Do you have catering needs? Red Dirt offers sandwich platters, and WE DELIVER! 

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What's in a name... Red Dirt actually was inspired by the staining qualities found in the volcanic soil of Hawaii. As a child, Paul spent many days in the home of his Auntie Esther & Uncle Joe Kanahuna. SHOES OFF ! in the home is a typical tradition in Hawaii, as the red clay clings to anything. While the dirt can be a nuisance when dragging little toes across clean floors or clothing, it has its good points as well... Namely, the coveted Kona coffee grown in the higher elevations of the Kona district...

Red Dirt Coffee House offers exceptional coffee, tea, delightful pastries and hot "Soup of the Day" in a lush comfortable setting. The original plan was to throw together some comfortable seating, large tropical plants, and some good grinds. The kick back aloha spirit would follow in each of our brews. We feature Santa Barbara Roasting Company as our in house coffee blends, but the 100% Kona that is shipped weekly, direct from Kona farms, is pressed fresh to order.

100% pure Kona coffee is a rare treat, grown exclusively in the Hawaiian district of Kona. There are only about 600 coffee farms that can make the "pure Kona" claim and produce the worlds supply of the award winning flavor. The high elevation, steady cloud coverage, and iron rich volcanic soil all help nurture this coveted Hawaiian Liquid Gold.

Come enjoy the Aloha spirit, free WiFi, curl up in one of our comfy seating corners, and join us for our Kona Happy Hour.