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4TH Annual Aloha Coffee & Cultural Festival
We had so much fun, we hope you join us again next year!! 

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Red Dirt Specialty Items...

Not only does Red Dirt fill you with the best drinks and food, we now clothe you with the coolest T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, and Beanies in all of Five Cities. And, we just got in a selection of Keiki wear!

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This Week's Kona


Back by popular demand...Benton Family Farm Organic Kona as well as Kona Rainforest are both available... We have a few other treats on their way in time for the Holidays... Delicious!!! And Organic!

And, in case you didn't know...

To be labeled Kona Coffee it must be grown in the Kona Coffee region found only on the Big Island of Hawaii and Hawaii is the only state in the Union where coffee is grown. It is a unique place where nature combines the volcanic soil, the ample rainfall and the abundant sunshine that coffee trees crave. Don’t be misled by coffee blends with only a small percentage of Kona mixed in. Coming soon...Sweet Okole Farms will be making its second appearance at Red Dirt.

Current Events at the Dirt...


Jackye's Vegetarian Chili won 1st place for the Vegetarian division of the 3rd Annual Rotary Chili Cook-Off!  Okay, so this isn't the most current news at Red Dirt, but, I'm just now getting around to posting it on our site :-) 


Nevertheless, she is whipping up her Award-winning Chili every Monday at the coffee shop, so, if you haven't already, come in and find out what the "beans" are all about ;-)